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Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant Testimonials


If you want fresh fish and seafood you can’t get any better than this. The shrimp nachos are amazing – try them blackened. Fresh fish sandwiches. Shrimp right from the docks. Yummy all the way around. Sit outside and enjoy the view of all the shrimp boats.

Jamie W. 7/4/14

This place was very good and the fish was very fresh and tasty. I took everyone’s advice and had the grouper and my son had the snapper. They were very good, but I give the edge to the grouper. My wife had the deviled crabs, and as a crab connoisseur was not impressed with it. I wish we would have bought some of the fresh fish and had them cook it up. That way we would have ensured we were getting the fish we wanted. I saw quite a few varieties of snapper, and don’t think we got the red snapper which is one of our favorites. If you want great seafood though, this place will not disappoint you. I’m glad we followed everyone’s advice and visited here.

Anthony D. 6/10/14

I don’t hand out too many five-star reviews, but Safe Harbor gets one and here’s why. First, my favorite type of food in the world is seafood and this stuff is literally fresh out of the water. In fact, if you dine outside on the patio, you can see the boats that dragged in the fresh seafood that morning/afternoon. Second, the dining area is big enough where you can have your own space, but not too large where you feel like you’re dining in a banquet hall. Third, there is nothing trendy or hipster or over-the-top about this place. It doesn’t try to be more than it is. There’s no music playing over the speakers; the wait staff is blue-collar men and women who give you a quick comforting smile and your food. No shirt and tie and jacket event here, just the freshest shrimp and snapper and grouper you can get. Added benefit, this is a seafood market. Fresh fish and scallops and shrimp on ice, sold by the pound. Finally, I like this place because everything is calm and quiet and the air up there smells of ocean salt and rust. I’d love to see the menu expanded. Other than that, this place is a tiny subsidiary of heaven.

Khristopher B. 4/3/14


This is a delightful sea-side restaurant serving both locally caught and imported sea-foods. The service was fast and the food deliciously prepared as you request it (blackened, grilled, etc.). Seating on the deck watching the fishing boats come and go added to the experience. They also sell a very large variety of fresh sea foods. We highly recommend this restaurant.

BobnSharon 7/1/14

Great food! Very flexible with orders, my experience says if you would like something specific ask (for example, my children don’t like fried foods so they made the kids baskets with grilled fish instead of fried) and they generally will accommodate if they can. Great service! Asked for things from the buser’s/runners, and they didn’t miss a beat… prompt, courteous, and polite.Great portions! I’ve never been disappointed (and I can be a big eater).

Bottom line, if you want good fresh seafood go to Safe Harbour!

rjsandlin 6/29/14

We ate at Safe Harbor twice during our vacation – it was that good! The second time was not quite as good as we ended up there shortly before closing time (we didn’t realize that) and our hush puppies were a little hard (like they’d been sitting there for a while) and my deviled crab (which is THE BEST I’ve ever had) seemed like it had been sitting a while too. All in all it was still a great meal and we’ll definitely recommend to any and every one!!

LauraBSquared 6/18/14

Fresh, quick, friendly, delicious, affordable! My family took ferry from fernandia to mayport, a fun trip and tasty lunch. Would definitely recommend and plan to come again next vacation.

BeckyW 6/11/14

At the “end of the road” in Mayport (a Naval town in Jacksonville), this fish market offers hungry customers the opportunity to try whatever is being sold in the chillers. I had a Blackened Trigger Fish basket with fries and hush puppies. This was my first time for Trigger and i have to say it may well be the most delicious fish I’ve ever had! Also had a dozen raw oysters for only $10. Sat outside on the pier and watched the fishing boats come in. Don’t miss this place as you make your way to the Amelia Island ferry boat…only a block away.

skitramp 6/4/14

Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant